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Durham Wildlife Trust Reserves - Holiday Adventures Waiting For You

Among the great things about renting any occasion cottage will be the freedom which it offers you. And if freedom is the thing, then you may don' much better than to invest your vacation in a many country cottage holiday cottages.
A lot of our cottages have the good thing about being visiting distance in the Durham Wildlife Trust reserves. These reserves are within 25 miles in the beautiful and historic town of Durham and expand to a total of some 550 hectares with the richest and a lot diverse wildlife habitats to be found in britain. They're here waiting for you to explore and luxuriate in, so let us let you know about a number of the areas you could visit;

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If watching birds is when your interest lies, why don't you start at Joe's Pond. This former clay pit can be a deep, freshwater site encompassed by dense scrub and Willow and is also home to over 140 varieties of birds, from Long-Eared Owls to Teal and Ruddy Duck. Not only that, nevertheless the mixed habitat is also where you can six types of dragon and damsel fly as well as water invertebrates such as Water Scorpion and Great Pond Snails. With two artificially created wild flower meadows, there's something for everyone at Joe's Pond.

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In case a good walk is what you enjoy, then head on over to Hedleyhope Fell. This rare, mid-altitude heathland is among the largest samples of this category while offering a sensational landscape with an incredible cornucopia of wildlife, which is certain to distract from your ultimate goal and turning a quick brisk walk into a long fascinating ramble. The heath is a complicated patchwork of heathers, bracken, rush pasture and grasses, including a variety of rare plants, providing habitats for reptiles, lizards, butterflies and ground nesting birds like Lapwing, Curlew, Black Grouse and Snipe. Don't forget to take your camera since the attractiveness of every one of the heather, bell heather, cross-leaved heath, crowberry, bilberry and cotton grass is a photographers heaven. The several rare plants found in these areas include petty whin, stags-horn club moss and adders tongue fern just in case you wanted more to snap! Needless to say here it comes with an abundant of wildlife that you'll come across and is also the perfect back drop for a picnic.

The latest area to come underneath the Durham Wildlife Trust is Milkwellburn Wood, a native woodland that now can take part in forever. Situated near Blackhall Mill and Chopwell your website has become designated like a "site of nature conservation importance". This woodland delivers over 2km of public footpaths and 4km of permissive paths. The woodland is 79.5 hectares of mixed conifers and broad leaf plantations and remnants of ancient semi-natural woodland. This area houses many wildlife birds including red kite, tawny owl, woodcock, sparrow hawk, blackcap, garden warbler, tree pipit and so additional, oh and lets not forget you have the badgers, foxes, roe deer and red squirrels this is worth while going at any time of the year!

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These are merely a number of around 25 reserves taken care of through the Durham Wildlife Trust - section of the national group of local Wildlife Trusts doing sterling work throughout Britain, managing 2,300 wildlife reserves.

So next time you consider what to do to your holidays, take a look at us, Country Cottage Holiday and rent a stunning cottages and perhaps pay Durham Wildlife Trust reserve a call.

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